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CNE Workshop Organizers Workflow

Date : 01-Jan-2017

Following are the steps for getting registered with MNC to organize CNE Workshops. Go through following steps.

Step 1

Create Organizer Account

Visit and create new login by clicking on New Registration

Provide correct information as this data will be used for communication and printing on documents

Step 2

CNE Accreditation Application

Once new Organizer Account is created, login into the system and fill requested details and submit CNE Accreditation Application

Your CNE Accreditation Application will be verified and approved/rejected by MNC CNE Committee Members

Step 3

Pay Yearly Accreditation Fees

Once CNE Accreditation Application is approved, you can pay your yearly CNE Accreditation fees

Step 4

Workshop Application

After paying CNE Accreditation Application fees, you will be able to apply for CNE Workshop. Select New Workshop Application from menu, and fill requested details and Submit Workshop Application

Your CNE Workshop Application will also be verified and approved/rejected by MNC CNE Committee Members

Step 5

CNE Workshop Schedule

Once the CNE Workshop Application is approved, CNE Points and Observer will be assigned for Workshop by MNC CNE Committee Members

Now this workshop will be displayed in CNE Schedule on MNC Website

Step 6

Participant List

Student interested in participating in workshop can add themselves into participant list of particular Workshop by visiting CNE Schedule on MNC Website

You will get Workshop Participants list in your login

Step 7

Certificate of Participation

On the last day of CNE, Workshop Organizer will have to mark participated candidates as present or absent. Organizers will be able to generate Certificate of Participation for attended candidates only

Organizer will issue Certificate of Participation to all the participants with signature and stamp of the organization. Only Certificated generated from MNC CNE System (with MCN Barcode) will be considered as valid Certificate of Participation and only those students having valid certificates will get respective credit points

Step 8

Workshop and participant fees

Once CNE Workshop is completed, within next 10 days Organizers will have to pay Workshop Charges decided by MNC